We offer fully integrated, custom made solutions for a wide variety of sugar containing and sweetener products

Our solutions can offer you a competitive advantage not only to reduce your costs but also with innovative packaging options.

  • Liquid Syrups
  • Flavoured Drink Mixes (Powdered and Liquid)
  • Powdered Beverages; Hot Chocolate, Cappuccino, Latte Blends
  • Sugar Blends; Cinnamon, Maple
  • Oatmeal Topping Sugars
  • High Intensity Sweetener Blends
  • Reduced Sugar Products with Stevia Blends
  • Ice Tea Mixes (Powdered and Liquid)
  • Various Packaging formats including standup pouches with Velcro and zip lock closures
  • Poly or foul laminated pillow pack
  • Fiber canisters
  • Liquid bottles from 250-750 ml
  • Liquid plastic jugs from 1-4 litres
  • Individual serving packets
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    pillow pack pouch
     round canistor blank