Trends and Tips:

Switching out granulated for Brown Sugars is an effortless way for restaurants and bakeries to elevate a familiar recipe into a high-value offering: Brown Sugar Shortbread, Brown Sugar Crème Brulée, Brown Sugar Peach Ice Cream, etc. It’s a simple way to boost customer appeal and open up the potential for a premium price point.

Many comfort or nostalgic desserts are currently popular in restaurants and bakeries, like butterscotch and toffee flavoured confections, sticky toffee puddings, gingerbread cakes and cookies, dark chocolate cakes, and streusels, crumbles, and crisps — all made with Brown Sugars.

There is a consumer trend towards less sweet desserts; Brown Sugars are perceived as less overtly sweet because of the complex notes (richness, body, caramel notes, earthiness) they impart.

Golden Yellow Sugar is the most versatile of the Brown Sugar varieties, with functional qualities of granulated sugar and the additional complex flavour benefits of Brown Sugar.

Turbinado Sugar adds texture and sparkle to baked goods like cookies, muffins, bread, scones, puff pastry, and pie crusts. You can effectively double the selection of any baked good in your pastry case by offering a “plain” version, and another sprinkled with Turbinado Sugar.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

For Desserts:

All Browns add depth to sauces and fillings that usually come off as just sweet or one-noted when made using granulated sugar. It makes these sauces (including pastry creams, crème Anglaise, fruit purees) more intriguing to consumers and with higher perceived value, making them more likely to try and buy. “Our eclairs are filled with a Brown Sugar-vanilla pastry cream.”

Tart doughs and pie crusts benefit from using Brown Sugars. You’ll detect added caramel notes just by replacing granulated sugar with Brown.

Chocolate-based desserts get a boost from Brown Sugars, as they enhance the earthiness of chocolate, creating a dessert with deeper, richer chocolate flavour.

Brown Sugars are versatile; they have many of the qualities of invert sugar, including keeping sugars from crystallizing; therefore, sugar sauces or confections made with Brown Sugars are often smoother.

Lemon Madeleines

For Cafés/Bars:

Brown Sugars add caramel notes and complex flavours to teas, espresso-based drinks, and steamed milk.

Create an elevated experience for consumers by offering Brown Sugars to stir into their drinks.

Simple syrups made with any Brown sugars can easily be added to iced drinks and cocktails and any hot beverage, adding depth, richness, caramel undertones, and complexity with minimal effort.

All Brown Sugars pair well with most aged liqueurs and alcohols, including, but not limited to, whisky, rum, bourbon, and brandy.

Chicken Wings

For Cooking:

Cook with Brown Sugars, especially Dark Brown and Demerara Style, for more complex and robust notes in meat dishes — this applies to beef, lamb, pork, and even chicken.

Gravies, sauces, and marinades benefit from the complex undertones and added dimension Brown Sugars bring.

The acidity in Brown Sugars can help tenderize meats faster, saving you time.

Brown Sugars add richness and body to salad dressings and soups, adding complexity and value to starters.

The earthy tones of Brown Sugars help balance savoury and umami flavours in any dish without masking them with sweetness.