Redpath Collection

Introducing a new premium line of natural cane sugar products to use in your formulations.

Simply Raw ™ Turbinado Sugar has distinctive golden crystals formed as the sugarcane juices are evaporated and crystalized.  It provides a delicious mellow caramel flavour to hot beverages and as a topping on baked goods and yogurts.  Bring the tastes of your favorite coffee shop home to enjoy.

Simply Raw ™ Demerara Sugar is a natural sugar with a rich colour, unique texture and warm flavour. Because of it's large distinctive crystal size, it is ideal for cereal, baking application and toppings to add sparkle and crunch to cookies, pastries and other desserts. 

Our Organic Sugar comes from sugarcane grown on sun-drenched farms committed to sustainable agriculture.  With a delicate taste it can be used for any of your sugar requirements, beverages, baking,  cereals and sauces.